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Welcome to Wilbert Chiropractic & Massage! We’re a leading chiropractic clinic offering a wide range of services around the Oceanside, CA, area. With over 33 years of experience in the chiropractic field, you can expect nothing but perfection from our seasoned chiropractor. We will go above and beyond to provide you with custom solutions that best adapt to your needs in order to overcome any type of pain you may be enduring. Don’t settle for less than the best, and allow a team of fully qualified and licensed chiropractors to breathe new life into your body!

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What Our clients are saying


Lorinda Rhodes

I have been a client for over 30 years ! Dr.Wilbert has kept my muscular and spine issues in check and I am pain free!

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Dave Grant

I have been retired for many years and very active. Dr. Wilbert has been my chiropractor for about 15 years. He suggested rather then wait for pain in my back or neck, a ” tuneup” treatment a few times a year. I have been 100% pain free thanks to him. I had seen different chiropractors over the years, and he is the BEST there is. I highly recommend him!!!

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Rick Balley

I highly recommend Dr Rick! I’ve been going to chiropractors for 30 years because I have a terribly messed up spine. I’ve been treated by Dr Wilbur and crew for 12 years now and I recommend him to anybody I know for maintenance or back pain. Thank you doc!

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Mary Medina

I have been a patient of Dr Wilbert for regular adjustments for nearly 10 yrs now. He has kept my pain at bay without medication or surgery. Whenever I have a flare up, his schedule is flexible and sees me right away. With an adjustment, I walk away pain free. He is very knowledgeable and gives me lots of tips on how to manage my pain at home. He is affordable and flexible. I would highly recommend Dr Wilbert. My own MD is supportive of me continuing to see Dr Wilbert. His office offers massage therapy as well. His therapist are wonderful. I also see Dr Wilbert for my positional benign vertigo whenever I have a flare up of that also. With just one adjustment, I’m good to go!

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Miguel Selgado

I have a very serious lower back injury that happened to me in Iraq. My lower disk always goes out. Dr Wilbert took me in and immediately identified the issue. He not only adjusted my slipped disk (physically displaced from my spin) he adjusted my entire spin and neck. They are very kind and truly care about getting you better. I fully recommend him.

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Connie E.

I have been going to Dr. Wilbert for monthly adjustments for years because the service is great and the price is affordable. I’m always so glad I have an appointment when my day arrives as I feel so much better when I leave! I also go to Diana for massages and she’s excellent! Always as deep as your muscles need and never rushed. This office is a little gem in Oceanside!

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James C.

My name is James, & I & my family live in Vista CA . I have been a patient of Dr Rick Wilbert since 1995, & my 3 daughters since 2002. I initially came to Doc with severe pain from a pinched nerve in the C6-C7 area that was debilitating. I had trouble moving at all, couldn’t even tolerate riding in a car for more than a few minutes. I also had ongoing lower back issues for many years. Dr Wilbert provided treatment, care & therapy for me & my daughters, & I was able to recover with his help & support. I am currently not completely pain free, as I have recurring problems, but I see Doc every 2 weeks, & occaisionally more often. He is very knowledgeable, thorough, honest & friendly, & he provides massage therapy with 2 excellent therapists, Diana & Tanya. I really consider Dr Wilbert Diana & Tanya be miracle workers for me, I thought I would never be able to live nearly pain free, & live a near normal life. I highly recommend him & his staff.



Laura Balboni

I had a massage with Diana last week and it was fantastic. I always have high expectations when I go into a massage and it’s been years since I haven’t left disappointed, but Diana was great! She has a holistic approach to wellness in the body and is knowledgeable about how various parts of the body interconnect. I’ll definitely be going back.

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Patricia A.

I am so thankful for the care I’ve received from Dr. Rick Wilbert. I was concerned my back pain would put a damper on a trip to Maui I had planned until seeing Dr. Wilbert. He offered me an individualized plan of treatment including regular adjustments, exercises specific to my needs, massage therapy, and ways I could contribute in my healing process. As a result, I was able to enjoy the beauty of Maui pain free. I highly recommend Dr. Wilbert to anyone seeking an experienced chiropractor that truly cares.



Karl H.

Dr. Rick Wilbert is the best! Our whole family goes to see him. We have gone to him for many years. He is always available when we need to see him. He is very easy to communicate with, and discuss issues. He also has a couple of massage therapists on staff.

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Jo E.

I’ve seen many chiropractors over the years. Many jump right in to hitting insurance and ordering series of X-rays. Dr Wilbert was most concerned with my discomfort and finding out how he could help me and make it affordable. Last year I’d been having tingling down my arm. A different chiropractor had given up on it. Dr Wilbert found the cause and stopped the tingle in one session. He did give me stretches to do at home and I followed up with a wonderful massage by Diana. I’m so glad I found this practice! We’re working on keeping me able to do my work with the help of their work.



Hartfield M.

My job involves sitting at a computer for hours a day and it tends to tighten up my back and give me back pain so I went out to Wilbert and he did such a good job on my back. Loosened it up and gave me a much needed massage.



Alvenus M.

I can’t say enough about the pleasure and relief my body has encounter on every visit to Dr. Rick Wilbert for chiropractic adjustment’s. And his massage therapists Tonya & Diana working on my muscles to relieve the every day pains from work & golf. He was recommended by a good friend for his affordable work. WOW ! it work for me.



Deborah C.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Wilbert for years. He’s an excellent chiropractor, there’s no wait time, prices are affordable and he always fits me at the last minute. The massage therapists Tonya and Diana are also excellent, great affordable deep tissue massage.



Sandy S.

Dr. Wilbert helped me get range of motion back after a car accident. I had neck and back problems from being hit from behind. He could tell where my pain was by feeling the bones in my neck and gives very effective adjustments which helped my headaches right away. He is really experienced and it shows. I highly recommend him.



Nick Boulton

I was visiting Oceanside California for a work seminar and after 3 nights in a hotel bed, my back had had enough and it and locked up on me. I was having to use furniture and walls to get around. After calling Dr. Wilbert he got me in first thing in the morning before leaving town. He was able to get me adjusted and walking again with less pain! I really appreciate him and helping me out and would recommend him to anyone.

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Maggie Williams

I had a massage at Dr Wilbert’s office and the experience was great. Dr. Wilbert addressed my problem areas and was really knowledgeable. The massage therapist did a great job. She’s very good. I highly recommend the place.

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Jerry Salamante

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Wilbert ~1.5 years now. Some chiropractors I’ve experienced try to scare you or exaggerate what’s causing your pain, in attempts to upsell for their products or services. I really appreciate how Dr. Wilbert does NOT do that. He provides no-nonsense care, simple but expert advice & solutions, with very affordable & easy to schedule office visits.
His total time of services can be a little fast at times, but if you don’t have alot of time, then you’ll probably prefer that. He also has massage therapist services in-house. Unfortunately the best massage therapist I ever experienced no longer works there, but I’m sure some competent replacements will be found soon.
I would recommend Dr. Wilbert to provide both, immediate musculoskeletal pain relief, and monthly health maintenance.

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Wendy Armstrong

I have been going to Dr. Wilbert for 25 years. He is amazing.! He is professional and works with me to get me in for an adjustment by extending his hours even when the office is closed. I had severe neck pain when I started with Dr. Wilbert after a few visits, I felt incredibly better. Now the motion in my neck is way better. Currently I go for adjustment, as this helps with my workouts, so I can move better. Highly recommend Wilbert Chiropractic. Oh, and the massage is bonus to have in his office.

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James Charbonneau

I have been a patient of Dr. Rick Wilbert for approximately 29 years. I started seeing Dr. Wilbert for care on a severe pinched nerve and lower back issues in 1995 at his office in Oceanside California. At that time, I could barely walk and had difficulty even riding in a car for short distances. The medical doctors strongly suggested surgery, but I chose to work with Dr. Wilbert and I’ve been very pleased and satisfied with his help with my recovery and new issues over the years. He is very knowledgeable, helpful, and patient, and his staff is excellent, especially the massage techs who do a great job of relieving painful issues with muscles & the body. Doc is gentle, and very professional and really listens to his patients. He uses traditional chiropractic care, and his own personalized plans to strengthen the body. Overall, I would highly recommend him and his staff to anyone needing help with physical issues.

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We pride ourselves on our 35 years of experience and commitment to providing personalized care. We understand that each individual has unique needs, which is why we offer customized assistance tailored to your specific condition. Our team of highly skilled chiropractors works closely with you to develop a treatment plan that addresses your concerns and goals. Whether you’re seeking relief from chronic pain, recovering from an injury, or looking to improve your overall well-being, we are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health. Trust in our expertise and let us guide you on your journey to a pain-free and healthier life.

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